Web developer and project manager in Tokyo

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Make your website responsive?

Specialist in responsive design, i would be happy to work with you to help you build your website.

Mobile website traffic is bigger than desktop in Japan. It will take over worldwide by 2014. Before creating a website or application you should consider its mobile or touch pad design. See figure below.

Mobile versus Desktop browsing evolution graphic. (numbers in billion)

Why should you make your website responsive?

  • Reduce cost
    With responsive design you reduce the cost of multiple development on different platforms.
  • "Future Ready"
    With responsive design your website is ready for any new upcoming device.
  • Improve SEO
    Google is planning to take responsive design in consideration in the algorithm of its search results soon.
  • Recommended by Google
  • Easier Management
    With responsive design you avoid managing website on different platform.
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A little about me

Graduated as a web project manager in 2001 at ESRA France, i have been working internationally in France, Japan and Philippines alternatively as project manager, web developer or chief officer.

I currently live in Tokyo, producing code and designing websites. I have a special interest in cross-development platform. Doubting seriously about App market biosphere but feeling confident about hosted html5 apps.

Strong believer in Poka-yoke product design, trying to apply those principles to myself with more or less success.

Also i love biking and running to discover exciting new places in Tokyo specially in the Shitamatchi area. If Tokyo was limited to the Yamanote area i wouldn't live in here. Tokyo's heart and soul lie in Shitamachi area.

I recently creates a Meetup group for people who like to discover Tokyo while jogging. Whether you live in Town or just stopping by come and join us.

When i am not listing to strange music graviting between ambient, drone and post-rock, i sometimes paint and deejay when i find time for it. You can have a quick look at my recent playlist below.

Last Dj Mix

Find me also on:

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Here are a couple feedbacks of people i have recently worked with.

  • Julien built our new company website in 2010. Was very happy with all aspects of the service, from initial planning and design through to meeting the deadline for delivery. He has a very good sense of "business needs" as they related to functionality. Personable and flexible, we got the site we were looking for. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions about the quality of his work. October 18, 2010

    Curtis mackenzie, Vision Consulting

  • Julien Bourdon has a unique ability to marry form and function, and to keep sufficiently disciplined to ensure the flow of aestethics in his products. Usability is key in site production and Julien is able to keep level-headed enough to never forget that and the important responsibility we have to the end user. January 10, 2012

    Jesper Lagerberg

  • Julien is a very competent HTML/JS/CSS designer. His coding style is relatively clean and well organised. Julien has a good understanding of web usability and best practices, and was able to provide appropriate recommendations to our Marketing department in these regards. Julien worked well with our code developers, as well as working independently as needed. Julien was able to take direction, even when against his recommendations, and complete tasks in a timely manner. Overall Julien was a pleasure to work with and I would engage him in future projects if the opportunity arises.

    David Farrell, Engineering Director, Shaklee Corporation

  • He has a solemn sense of responsibility and his communication and website developing skills are pretty good.

    Kei Tamura, 24-7

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I have worked on front-end as well as back-end development during my carrier on hundreds of differents projects. More recently i love to play with data and related social services which are very good material for experimenting new things.

Over the last few years, I have also specialized in mobile Internet applications which has given me strong knowledge on Japanese mobile technical design issues.

My current skills
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Do not hesitate to drop me a line, i usually reply pretty quickly